Sellers - Vending Machine Business

Non-confidential information (post with ad):
- Geographic location (suburb of each site)
- Type of business
- Number of people on location
- Any visitor traffic
- Position located e.g. lunchroom, showroom, factory
- Machine Brand, model, type, year of Manufacture
- Photos of the machine/s

Confidential information (don't post with ad):
- Average sales per machine (Upload telemetry sales report or spreadsheet)
- Machine serial numbers
- Brand, model of coin mechanism
- Brand, model of note Reader
- Credit card readers installed (Yes/No)
- Telemetry installed - Yes/No - If so, who is the supplier?

Your Ad will be reviewed by the Just Now Admin team and once approved it will become live on the Just Now Site.

The Buyer only gets access to your information for a seven day period once they have signed the Confidentiality agreement. At no time does is the buyer told the actual locations of the vending machines before paying a deposit.

Once an offer has been made and accepted, the buyer pays a 20% deposit into our trust account. You will then be contacted to arrange a site inspection with the buyer

Yes, you will need to complete a handover with the buyer after the both parties have signed the heads of agreement. The balance of the money is paid directly to you at the time of handover . Once the handover is completed, the buyer confirms receipt of the machines to us and we pay the balance of the deposit into your account less our commission.

Sellers - Vending Machine

As soon as it has been approved by the Just Now Vending admin team.

In most cases the money is paid directly to you by the buyer.
However where a machine is shipped to the buyer sight unseen the buyer can elect to pay the money into the Just Now Vending trust account and held there until the buyer has received the machine. The buyer has of 10 days to receive the machine, verify it's condition and authorise Just Now Vending to release the money to you.

Ultimately it is up to the buyer and seller to resolve the dispute and let Just Now Vending know the outcome. Once we have been advised of the outcome we will disburse the funds accordingly.

Buyers - Vending Machine Businesses

Once you register you will have easy access to information about the business you are interested in.

In order to protect the buyer’s confidential information you are required to provide us with an NDA. This will ensure you don't disclose any sales and location information to parties not involved in the sale.

This is necessary to ensure the Transfer of Title of the machines goes to you, just in case a dispute arises down the track.

To protect both parties. At the time a deposit is paid an offer has been made and accepted by both parties. When a deposit is paid, the seller knows that he has a serious buyer and the buyer knows that the seller will assist him with a proper handover of the business. If the buyer decides not to proceed after the inspection the deposit is refunded in full.

Buyers - Vending Machines

Once you register you will have easy access to information about the business you are interested in.

You can elect to pay the purchase into our trust account. You then have ten days to receive and inspect the machine. Once you are satisified that the machine is in the condition in which it was advertised, we will pay the money to the seller.

Most disputes are resolved between the buyer and the seller. Both parties then advise Just Now Vending of the resolution so that we can disburse the deposit funds. Where a dispute cannot be resolved Just Now Vending will negotiate a suitable outcome between the parties.